Portrait of the Tagore school - our concept !!!

A modern, future-oriented and successful school requires a close and trustful cooperation. Therefore our students, parents and teachers have developed a concept which is the basis for our successful work. This concept underlines the way we want to develop and organize our school:  
  • The school is a linguistically and artistically orientated grammar school.
  • Our atmosphere is characterized by an open respectful cooperation as well as by tolerance and non-violence.
  • Students and teachers identify with school and are orientated toward humanistic values.
  • According to the experiences and individual abilities of the students the teachers advance the development of their skills.
  • The ability of independent learning and teamwork is advanced by the inclusion of various conventional and immanent teaching methods.
  • The teachers are in an effort to enhance the quality of the lessons continuous.
  • We promote a multifaceted school life, develop and keep traditions and cultivate contacts outside school.
  • Basis of all academic procedures are a sensible time management as well as democratic opinion and decision making processes.
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Modern sanierte Gebäude bieten gute Arbeitsbedingungen

„Der Strom der Wahrheit fließt durch Kanäle von Irrtümern.“
Rabindranath Tagore